Meetings » 2nd CTUG Meeting » Electron beam CT: a physicist's perspective

Electron beam CT: a physicist's perspective

I A Castellano Smith

Physics Department, Royal Marsden NHS Trust


Electron beam CT (EBCT) was introduced in 1985 by Imatron Inc. The primary function of the scanner was and still is to produce CT images with minimal motion artefacts in order to optimise the visualisation of fast-moving anatomical features such as the heart and the lungs. In this presentation the design and operation of the scanner is reviewed, including design changes that have been incorporated into more recent models. Quality control is considered, with descriptions of appropriate dosimetric and image quality tests and testing frequency. Typical results are given and where appropriate compared with those obtained on other CT scanners; patient doses, described in terms of dose-length product, are also considered. The advantages and disadvantages of this technology as perceived by the clinician are identified. In conclusion the author gives a professional opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the scanner performance, based on experience.

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