Meetings » 2nd CTUG Meeting » CT QA : The Radiotherapy Perspective

CT QA : The Radiotherapy Perspective

L. A. Kadiri

Radiotherapy Physics Dept., Royal South Hants Hospital


In CT image based radiotherapy planning (RTP), data of patients scanned in the treatment position are used on a treatment planning system (TPS). The accuracy of RTP depends on existence of the usual CT QA for safety and diagnosis. Supplementary QA of the data transfer and the TPS reconstructed image is necessary. This may also include checks of the CT alignment mechanism and the patient positioning aids. In this paper, we discuss the methods and equipment for the additional QA using two examples. The first was a phantom designed for the QA of three dimensional RTP at Southampton. The second was a QA programme developed at the Suffolk Oncology Centre that satisfied the local RTP requirements without increasing the time for CT QA. The results were cited. It was concluded that these checks complement the usual QA of the CT and the treatment planning system.

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