Meetings » 5th CTUG Meeting » The assessment of Care Dose software on pelvic CT

The assessment of Care Dose software on pelvic CT

Gareth Iball1, David Brettle1, Alexis Moore1, Joanna Hartley2

1 Department of Medical Physics & Engineering, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
2 Department of Radiology, Leeds Nuffield Hospital


An anatomically shaped PMMA phantom has been used to assess the effect of the Siemens 'CARE Dose' dose modulation software on CT scans of the pelvis. The effect of the software on the absorbed dose (CTDI100) and the signal to noise ratio have been assessed. The signal to noise ratio was calculated using PTFE and distilled water phantom inserts; PTFE was used to represent bony structure and distilled water was used to represent soft tissue abscesses.

Pelvis protocols identified from the UK CT Dose Survey 2002 were assessed and compared with those provided by Siemens Medical. These protocols were tested individually on one Siemens Sensation 4 CT scanner, with and without 'CARE dose' applied.

Results will be presented which show the effect of the 'CARE Dose' software on both dose and image quality and whether one of the protocols provides optimal results.

Acknowledgements: The authors would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of - Harrogate District Hospital, York District Hospital, Leeds Nuffield Hospital, ImPACT, Dr Paul Shrimpton and the UK CT Dose Survey 2002.

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