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Eighth CT users group meeting

The eighth meeting of the CT Users Group was held on Thursday 16th November 2006 at the Postgraduate Centre, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham.

Kicking off a diverse and provocative programme, we were delighted to have an invited talk from Koos Geleijns, of Leiden University Medical Centre.

The full program is shown below, pdfs of most of the talks can be seen by clicking the relevant links.

Eighth CTUG meeting programme:

09:50-10:20blank squarePowerpoint iconInvited talk: Justification and optimisation of CT within a scientific framework
Koos Geleijns - Leiden University Medical Center
10:20-10:40blank squarePowerpoint iconThe use of computer simulation to facilitate observer studies in CT optimisation - a pilot study
Andy Rogers, Adam Parker, Mark Wilson - City Hospital, Nottingham
11:10-11.30blank squarePowerpoint iconDose measurement in cone beam CT - how appropriate is the 10 cm pencil chamber?
Maria Lewis - ImPACT, London
11:30-11:50blank squarePowerpoint iconCalculation of effective doses for radiotherapy cone-beam CT and Nuclear Medicine Hawkeye CT
Laura Sawyer - Royal United Hospital, Bath
11:50-12:10blank squarePowerpoint iconUse of lead shielding for foetal dose reduction in CT pulmonary angiography
Gareth Iball - Leeds General Infirmary
12:10-12:40  Business meeting
13:50-14:10  The black art of CT room design: comparison of BIR and NCRP shielding methods for two multislice CT scanners
Julie Smyth - Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
14:10-14:30  Shielding of multi-slice computed tomography facilities
Noirin Sheahan - St James's Hospital, Dublin
14:30-14:40  Automated image analysis - what the people say
Elly Castellano - Royal Marsden, London
14:40-15:00blank squarePowerpoint iconAutomated image analysis - options for implementation
Ed McDonagh - Royal Marsden, London
15:00-15:20blank squarePowerpoint iconA uniform software platform for automatically analysing CT test images
Andrew Reilly - Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
15:50-15:55  Automated image analysis - your vote
Elly Castellano - Royal Marsden, London
15:55-16:05blank squarePowerpoint iconTruncation artefacts in PET/CT
Rainer Hinz - Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, Manchester
16:05-16:15blank squarePowerpoint iconExperiences with SPECT/CT
Bruce Walmsley - Guy's Hospital, London
16:15-16:25blank squarePowerpoint iconQA for MSCT - beyond IPEM 91
Sue Edyvean, ImPACT, London