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Experiences commissioning the Toshiba Aquilion ONE 320 detector row CT scanner

N Weir, N Bate, L Nichol

Department of Medical Physics,
NHS Lothian,
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


We present our results and share our experiences of carrying out acceptance and commissioning tests on the 320 detector row Toshiba Aquilion ONE CT scanner at one of the first installations of its type in the UK. With volume mode acquisitions employing a cone beam up to 160 mm wide along the axis of rotation, this scanner challenges the existing methodologies currently in use for CT image quality testing and dosimetry. With a particular focus on volume mode acquisitions, we discuss how standard CT test methods and analyses were adapted to cater for the cone beam acquisition and large data volumes produced. We present results for a range of image quality indices including interslice noise, uniformity and spatial resolution, as well as cone beam artefacts. We present CTDI, central dose, and beam profile measurements, comparing with published data, and discuss cone beam dose measurement strategies for ongoing quality assurance and patient dosimetry.

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