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Eye Doses in Head CT; Sequential Vs Spiral

Matthew Daniel, Anne Davis, Sophie Onions, Kirsty Hodgson, Jill Merrett

Radiological Sciences,
Medical Physics Department,
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust


Current routine CT head scans are undertaken at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust by means of sequential scanning. Radiology have indicated that a switch to spiral scanning would have clinical benefits. This study has compared the potential effect on eye doses resulting from this change in routine head scans prior to making recommendations. Eye doses have been calculated using the CT ImPACT software, and measured by means of a phantom with TLDs for both sequential and spiral scans on our 40 slice and 128 slice scanners. In addition, a retrospective review of patient positioning was undertaken using PACS images and compared against recognised good practice. Patient repeat rates were also considered to assess the potential for accumulated eye doses in repeat patients.

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