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Dual Energy Imaging and the use of MOSFETs in estimating organ doses in CT

Robert Loader, Adel Alzeanidi

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, University of Surrey


Dual Energy CT (DECT) examinations yield medical benefits that must be balanced against potential risk from patient radiation exposure. Consequently, clinical tools for measuring internal organ dose are needed for medical risk assessment. The aim of this study is to measure both organ dose and effective dose (ED) for adult cardiac CT examinations by using a potential clinical protocol for Dual Energy CT imaging (DECT), as well as to estimate the lifetime attributable risk (LAR) of organs cancer incidence on the basis of the ED and organ doses.

Materials and Methods:
Cardiac DECT scan was performed by using a clinical protocol (GSI 15). The protocol imaging parameters were 64 section at 0.625-mm collimation, alternating energy between 80 kVp and 140 kVp, 640 mA, 0.6 second tube rotation. Absorbed organ doses were measured by using an adult male breast (female breast attached) anthropomorphic phantom and metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor detectors (MOSFET), and were obtained also by the computational method based on the Monte Carlo simulation (ImPACT calculator).

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