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Fourteenth CT users group meeting

The fourteenth meeting of the CT Users Group took place on Thursday 4th October 2012 at the Royal Over-Seas League in Edinburgh. The programme for the day is shown below, with links to pdf versions of presentations where applicable.

Please note: information provided in the slides is not peer-reviewed, is for educational use only and is explicitly not to be used for sales or marketing purposes. Any of the authors can be contacted, via the CTUG if no contact information is provided in the slides, to discuss the contents.

Automatic Exposure Control
09:30view abstract New designed phantom to test CT ATCM systems
Supawitoo Sookpeng
09:55view abstractview pdf version of presentationOptimisation of the Philips CT automatic exposure control system
Tim Wood
10:20view abstractview pdf version of presentationCT AEC techniques in PET/CT scanning
Gareth Iball
10:45view abstract A study of CT dose distributions in an elliptical phantom and the influence of automatic tube current modulation
Colin Martin
CT and atomic numbers
11:10view abstractview pdf version of presentationEstimating iodine concentration from CT number enhancement
Rosemary Eaton
11:35view abstractview pdf version of presentationMaterials and methods employed to validate a CT scanner's approximation of effective atomic number
Robert Loader
Iterative reconstruction and dose
13:25  Iterative recon - that means lower doses, right?
Nicola Macdonald
13:50view abstractview pdf version of presentationAn investigation into the effectiveness of various advanced CT methods in the reduction of metal artefacts
Matthew Dixon
14:15view abstractview pdf version of presentationEPI-CT: International Epidemiological Paediatric CT Study. Estimates on organ doses and ideas on optimisation in paediatric CT: Work in Norway
Jonathan Turner
Managing CT scanner data
15:10view abstractview pdf version of presentationTransferring protocols from a GE LS16 to a Siemens Definition Flash
Laurence King
15:35view abstractview pdf version of presentationQuality control in computed tomography by automated monitoring of key performance indicators
Patrik Nowik
16:00 view pdf version of presentationCollecting digital dose data. Very nice, but how can I do it?
Ed McDonagh
Round table items
16:25 view pdf version of presentationDifferences in CT numbers under different scan parameters and the impact on routine QC
Patrice Burke
16:35 view pdf version of presentationCT AEC characterisation and optimisation using a noise-power spectra analysis framework
Tim Wood