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Transferring protocols from a GE LS16 to a Siemens Definition Flash

L King

Royal Marsden Hospital, London


Aim: To set up protocols on a new Siemens Definition Flash that give comparable doses to well established protocols on the GE LS16.

Method: An initial dose audit was carried out on the LS16 to determine typical CTDIvols for selected protocols. A range of Perspex phantoms were scanned on the LS16 and the CTDIvol was recorded. During commissioning testing of the Definition flash we characterised the available mA modulation curves using the same Perspex phantoms. We then selected the mA modulation settings that gave us the closest behaviour to that on the LS16. Finally we set clinical protocols with the CT Superintendent that gave us the expected CTDIvol for a 75 kg reference patient. Once the scanner went clinical we carried out a dose audit and compared the results to those from the LS16 to confirm that the scanners were matched.

Result: The new protocols were well matched to existing protocols across all patient sizes.

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