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Fifteenth CT users group meeting

The fifteenth meeting of the CT Users Group was held on Thursday 7th November 2013 at the Coventry Transport Museum. The programme is shown below, including links to pdf version of some of the talks.

Please note: information provided in the slides is not peer-reviewed, is for educational use only and is explicitly not to be used for sales or marketing purposes. Any of the authors can be contacted, via the CTUG if no contact information is provided in the slides, to discuss the contents.

Assessing radiation and risk
09:15 view pdf version of presentationProgress on the normalised organ dose Monte Carlo calculations for modern CT scanners with the ICRP-110 Adult phantoms
Jan Jansen
09:40 view pdf version of presentationNew scanner models and the ImPACT CTDosimetry spreadsheet: tips to match scanners for your own use, and a strategy to review multi-centre data for incorporation into a new version of the spreadshee
Sue Edyvean
10:05 view pdf version of presentationEnergy spectra and transmission characteristics of scattered radiation from computed tomography: a Monte Carlo study
David Platten
10:30 view pdf version of presentationReview of risks to radiologists' fingers during Interventional CT - a case study
Anne Davis
Protocol optimisation strategies
11:25  Investigating the potential for patient dose saving in CT using auto-kV and mA
Mark Worrall
11:50 view pdf version of presentationOptimisation in CT in the Major Trauma Setting
Peter McGookin
12:15  Philips CT protocol optimisation: An update
Tim Wood
    CT in cardiac and radiotherapy settings
14:00 view pdf version of presentationDual energy CT for the assessment of coronary artery disease and cardiac perfusion. Initial observations and assessment in phantoms and patients
Rob Loader and Carl Roobottom
14:25 view pdf version of presentationImplementation of Cone-beam CT imaging for Radiotherapy treatment localisation
Andrew Bridges
Quality Control and Dose Auditing
15:15 view pdf version of presentationAssessing AEC performance of CT systems using a custom-designed phantom with a focus on positioning and centring of the patient within the scanner
Ruth Nicol
15:40 view pdf version of presentation'One Stop CT QA'; Routine QA with the CelT phantom
Lynn Bateman
16:05  Introduction to OpenREM - Radiation Exposure Monitoring tools for the physicist
Ed McDonagh
Round table items
16:30  BSCI audit of cardiac CT radiation doses
Elly Castellano
16:40 view pdf version of presentationAssessing dose from CT Scan Projection Radiographs using a Patient Dose Calibrator device
Jaddy Czajka