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Seventeenth CT users group meeting

The seventeenth meeting of the CT Users Group took place on Tuesday the 15th December 2015 at Public Health England (formerly the NRPB) Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire. The programme is shown below, and includes links to pdf version of some of the talks.

Please note: information provided in the slides is not peer-reviewed, is for educational use only and is explicitly not to be used for sales or marketing purposes. Any of the authors can be contacted, via the CTUG if no contact information is provided in the slides, to discuss the contents.

09:55  Welcome / Introduction
Steve Mutch
Invited speaker
10:00  Dose metrics and dosimetry in CBCT and how they relate to conventional MSCT
Jonas Andersson, UmeƄ University, Sweden
CT Quality Assurance
10:35  Easy-QA - A system for importing & monitoring Siemens Somatom Force Daily QA data
Mike Holubinka, Great Ormond St Hospital
11:00 view pdf version of presentationA novel phantom to evaluate longitudinal and angular automatic tube current modulation (ATCM) in CT
Deborah Merzan, Karolinska University Hospital
Dose Audit
11:55  An Update on the BSCI Cardiac CT Dose Audit
Elly Castellano/Ed Nicol, British Society of Cardiovascular CT
12:20 view pdf version of presentationExperiences of using GE DoseWatch Software for CT Dose Management.
Sarah Wayte, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
12:45 view pdf version of presentationIPEM working party recommendations on hybrid CT DRLs
Maria Burniston, Royal Free Hospital
Lunch and poster session
  view pdf version of presentationBespoke software for rapid compilation and analysis of daily automated CT QA results
Laurence King, Royal Marsden
13:55  AGM
14:25 view pdf version of presentationThe effect of topogram orientation on dose and image quality
A. Weir, NHS Lothian
14:50 view pdf version of presentationMathematical observers for image quality optimisation: Results of a benchmark protocol with a Channelized Hotelling Observer
Nick Ryckx, CHUV Lausanne
15:15 view pdf version of presentationPaediatric CT protocol optimisation of the abdo-pelvis region
Keith Schembri, University of Malta / Leeds
15:40 view pdf version of presentationBalancing the Clinical CT Protocols via Noise Detection and Isolation
Julian Liu, Aspen Healthcare
Round table items
16:05 view pdf version of presentationNoise Power Spectrum in CT
Anne Hill, Bristol
16:30  Close