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Eighteenth CT users group meeting

The eighteenth meeting of the CT Users Group was held on 20th October 2016 at Manchester Conference Centre. The programme is shown below, with links to pdf version of some of the talks.

Please note: information provided in the slides is not peer-reviewed, is for educational use only and is explicitly not to be used for sales or marketing purposes. Any of the authors can be contacted, via the CTUG if no contact information is provided in the slides, to discuss the contents.

Time Links Details
Patient and Staff Doses
10:00   view pdf version of presentation Establishment of Local Diagnostic Reference Levels (LDRLs) for Nuclear Medicine CT
Michael Katsidzira Ngonidzashe
10:20   view pdf version of presentation An audit of likely lens doses to patients receiving repeat exposures through the orbits – informing the practitioner
Kate Sprake
10:40   view pdf version of presentation Staff and Patient Dosimetry in CT Guided Ablations
Rob Loader
Audit and Dose Monitoring Software
11:00     OpenREM update
Ed McDonagh
11:10   view pdf version of presentation CT Patient dose audit with OpenREM
David Platten
12:00   view pdf version of presentation CT Number Accuracy Analysis for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Imaging
Julian Liu
12:20   view pdf version of presentation Dose to patients from X-ray imaging in Radiotherapy - launch of another IPEM working party
Tim Wood
12:40   view pdf version of presentation 4D-CT: Dosimetry and image quality assessment in a moving target
John Loveland
14:30   view pdf version of presentation SPICE-CT - quality control analysis software
John Loveland
14:50     CT Quality Assurance at the coal face
Jaddy Czajka
15:10     Experiences of using the CelT phantom for CT Quality Assurance
Jaddy Czajka
Round table items
16:00     AxREM update on behalf of DoH expert working party regarding the recent COMARE report
Dawn Phillips (GE/AxREM)
16:10     Helical slice sensitivity profiles with Siemens scanners when scanning a thin foil
Ed McDonagh
16:20     Performance evaluation of AECs on a Siemens CT scanner
Fiona Wall