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Nineteenth CT users group meeting

The nineteenth meeting of the CT Users Group was held on 19th October 2017 at M Shed, Bristol. The programme is shown below, with links to pdf version of some of the talks.

Dose Audits
10:00 view pdf version of presentationDose to patients from X-ray imaging in Radiotherapy – an update from the IPEM working party
Tim Wood / Anne Davis
10:25 view pdf version of presentationDoses from Cervical Spine Computed Tomography (CT) examinations in the UK
John Holroyd
10:50  The BSCI CT cardiac angiography audit
Elly Castellano
11:45 view pdf version of presentationProtocol optimisation: results from a CT optimisation group
Katherine Dewis
12:10 view pdf version of presentationOptimisation of CT Scan Planar Radiographs
Laura Cluny
Equipment Performance
14:00  Measuring helical slice sensitivity profiles on 128-slice Siemens scanners
Jamie Dormand
14:25  Application of an anatomical phantom for testing of CT Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) systems
Ben Shaw
14:50  Do we really know what the AEC is doing for miscentered patients? A case report
S Cournane
Round table items
15:45 CT scanner noise issues
Ruth Bradley
15:55view pdf version of presentationFactors affecting the task specific MTF in CT
Naomi Clayton
16:05view pdf version of presentationCreating a craniosynostosis protocol
Pedrum Kamali-Zonouzi