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A Comparison of Fluoroscopic CT systems

Nicholas Keat

ImPACT Group, St George's Hospital, Tooting, London SW17 0QT


CT fluoroscopy first appeared as an option on a commercially available CT scanner in 1996. Since then, most CT scanner manufacturers have introduced or are developing capabilities to allow their systems to produce near real time, continuously updated images, analagous to conventional fluoroscopy. Currently, the main applications for these systems are in two areas:

  1. Biopsy and other interventional techniques such as lesion drainage.
  2. As a method to synchronise the start of conventional CT imaging runs with optimal contrast agent enhancement

This talk will identify the advantages, and problems associated with fluoroscopic CT. The image reconstruction process will be described. A comparison of differences between the manufacturers' systems will be made. The doses to both the patient and the operator (usually a radiologist) will be evaluated, using data from manufacturers, published papers and measurements from ImPACT's assessment program. These doses will be put into perspective with other interventional radiological techniques, and compared to statutory dose limits, as well as thresholds for physiological damage.

The slides for this talk are available on the ImPACT web site.

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