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The new CT technology: what are the benefits?

Julia Barrett

ImPACT, St George's Hospital, London


Nearly all the CT scanners currently being purchased for UK hospitals are sub-second multi-slice models. Most can acquire 4 slices simultaneously, and may have the option of upgrading to 8, 16 or more slices in the future. Software packages are available which enable a variety of specialised scanning techniques to be performed, and some models incorporate dose-reduction features. Patients undergoing CT scans in these hospitals can expect to benefit in a number of ways from the new technology. Greater diagnostic accuracy may result from improvements in image quality, and a greater range of diagnostic capabilities is now available. Better patient comfort can be expected with faster scanning speeds and the need for less contrast. The high quality 3D images reconstructed from multi-slice acquisitions have important applications in subsequent surgical procedures. In addition, the advances in specialized techniques such as CT angiography, virtual endoscopy and gated cardiac imaging should spare some patients from having to undergo more invasive procedures. This presentation explores the technological developments which have brought about these potential benefits, investigates how far the potential is currently being realised, and examines the ways in which any drawbacks associated with the new technology are being addressed.

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