CTUG Meetings

CTUG meetings are held approximately once per year, and are informal affairs for our members to come together and share their experience, knowledge, questions and tips. Most of the day is taken up with (usually) short presentations of recent work, as well as debate and discussion on a variety of topics. More recently, we have invited guest speakers to give an extended presentation on a relevant subject.

To date, the CT users group has held nineteen meetings. The programmes for these meetings, as well as the abstracts and pdf versions of presentations from more recent meetings can be downloaded by following the links below.

Last CTUG meeting: 11th October 2018

The last meeting of the CT Users Group was held on the 11th October 2018 at The Collections Museum in Lincoln.

Go to the meeting page for more details, including pdfs of many of the presentations.

Next CTUG meeting: October 2019

The next meeting of the CT Users Group will be held at The Studio in Birmingham, on 3rd October 2019. A call for papers will be sent out in May 2019, and registration details in August2019 via the CTUG mail list.

Previous meetings