The CT users group

We are a UK based group for people with an interest in medical CT scanning. Our main aim is to share experience and knowledge relating to CT scanning with each other, as well as to provide an educational forum. We formed in 1999, and are mainly hospital physicists, but we also count radiographers and radiologists amongst our number.

Our primary interactions are via our meetings, usually held once a year. These are held in locations all round the UK and are a great way to share knowledge, research work, projects and questions in an informal setting. Our mail list aims to continue the interaction from the meetings throughout the year by bringing conversation about CT via email.

More than 200 people from all over the world are now involved with the group - if you want any more details or are interested in joining, please contact us or subscribe to the mail list.

Fourth UK National CT dose survey

Public Health England announced on 23rd March 2019 their next review of doses from CT examinations in the UK. This survey aims to collect protocol and patient dose index data for adult CT examinations. A separate survey looking at paediatric doses, undertaken by IPEM in collaboration with PHE, will be launched at a later date.

Further details, along with the spreadsheet for dose data entry and guidance on what information is needed can be found on the CTUG dose survey page.

Data submission is open until the end of July 2019. If it is considered that insufficient data has been received for any examination at this time, this will be extended. It is the intention that participating centres will be (optionally) acknowledged in the final report.

Last CTUG meeting: 11th October 2018

The last meeting of the CT Users Group was held on the 11th October 2018 at The Collections Museum in Lincoln.

Go to the meeting page for more details, including pdfs of many of the presentations.

Next CTUG meeting: October 2019

The next meeting of the CT Users Group will be held at The Studio in Birmingham, on 3rd October 2019. A call for papers will be sent out in May 2019, and registration details in August2019 via the CTUG mail list.

IQWorks - automated image analysis software for medical physicists

As part of an ongoing interest in automated analysis of CT (and other digital modality) images, CTUG is proud to be involved with the development and support of IQWorks.

This project aims to build on the fantastic work by Andrew Reilly as part of his PhD research at Edinburgh University. The software can now be downloaded, and broader input into its development as an open source project is encouraged. Follow the link above to find out more!

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