Meetings » 4th CTUG Meeting

Fourth CT users group meeting

The fourth CT Users group meeting was on the 7th November 2002, at Nottingham City Hospital.

The programme was as follows:

10:00blank square Powerpoint iconTaking it on the chest: when planning assumptions change
Mike Holubinka, Portsmouth
10:30abstractNew Monte Carlo simulations at NRPB for paediatric CT
Paul Shrimpton, NRPB
10:45abstractNoise and dose levels in paediatric CT
Jenny Oduko, Bristol
11:15 UK CT dose survey: An update
Matthew Dunn, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham
11:20abstract Powerpoint iconResults of the CT quality assurance survey
Jaddy Czajka, Manchester
11:40 Commissioning a dedicated oncology scanner
Andrew Reilly, Edinburgh
12:00blank square Powerpoint iconOptimisation of standard protocols on a multislice CT scanner
Ian Negus, Plymouth
13:40 Business meeting
14:00abstract Powerpoint iconThe new CT technology: what are the benefits?
Julia Barrett, ImPACT
14:20blank square Powerpoint iconExcess Rotations prior to and following a helical CT run
Catherine Chapman-Jones, Canterbury
14:40blank square Powerpoint iconAssessment of the low contrast detectability of multi-slice CT scanners
David Platten, ImPACT
15:00blank square Powerpoint iconEffective dose in paediatric computed tomography
Simon Willis, Newcastle
15:20blank square Powerpoint iconThe relationship between image noise and spatial resolution of CT scanners
Sue Edyvean, ImPACT
 blank square Powerpoint iconUpdate on IEC CT acceptance testing standard
Sue Edyvean, ImPACT
15:40 CT calibrations. What can NPL offer?