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Thirteenth CT users group meeting

The thirteenth CT Users group meeting was held on the 5th of October 2011, at St Mary's Conference Centre, Sheffield. About 80 attendees enjoyed an excellent day of talks and discussion.

pdf versions of the talks from the meeting are now available from the links in the programme below.

Please note: information provided in the slides is not peer-reviewed, is for educational use only and is explicitly not to be used for sales or marketing purposes. Any of the authors can be contacted, via the CTUG if no contact information is provided in the slides, to discuss the contents.

    Reconstruction algorithms
10:10-10:30 view pdf version of presentationTesting the performance of adaptive iterative image reconstruction on a 64-slice CT scanner
Stephen Gilroy
10:30-10:50 view pdf version of presentationIterative reconstruction on Siemens CT scanners: noise, noise power spectrum, spatial resolution and low contrast detectability
Nicholas Keat
10:50-11:10 view pdf version of presentationIterative Reconstruction with Philips iDose: characterizing image quality in attempting to realise its potential
Julie Smyth
    Scanner Testing
11:10-11:30  Testing CT AEC systems with a purpose built test object
Lynn Bateman
11:30-11:50 view pdf version of presentationA tale of three (identical) scanners
Gareth Iball
11:50-12:10 view pdf version of presentationNoise & HU Measurements during routine level B QA: Comparison of data with recommended tolerances
Paul Charnock
    Optimisation and Dose
13:40-14:00 view pdf version of presentationEffective dose for CT head scans with a modulated tube current
John Loveland
14:00-14:20 view pdf version of presentationPatient dose assessment of CT perfusion scanning at the RSCH
Lesley Leavesley
14:20-14:40  Effective dose conversion factors for dental cone beam computed tomography using MCNP5
Christie Theodorakou
15:10-15:30 view pdf version of presentationValidation of a large scale audit technique for CT dose optimisation
Tim Wood
15:30-15:50  First experiences with Siemens CARE kV
Elizabeth Crawford
15:50-16:10 view pdf version of presentationGeneric monitoring of scan protocols in CT
Jurgen Jacobs
16:10-16:40  EMI video "The Scanner Story" covering the development and early years of medical x-ray CT scanning
    Round table items
16:40-16:50 view pdf version of presentationAutomated gathering of CT data and introduction to the IHE radiation exposure monitoring profile
Ed McDonagh
16:50-17:00 view pdf version of presentationProgress of the DRSIG's wide beam dose measurement working party
David Platten