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Sixth CT users group meeting

The sixth CT Users group meeting was on the 16th October 2004, at Bristol Royal Infirmary.

The programme was as follows:

10:00blank squarePowerpoint iconAn assessment of foetal doses due to CT pulmonary angiography for suspected maternal pulmonary embolism
Susan Doshi, UBHT, Bristol
10:20 Powerpoint iconPaediatric dose reduction and image quality
Alan Whiteside, Aberdeen
10:40  Update on national survey of CT doses
Paul Shrimpton, NRPB
11:00  National survey of CT doses - the next steps
Matt Dunn, University Hospital, Nottingham
11:40 Powerpoint iconThe effect of CT reconstruction kernel and post processing filter upon Hounsfield number constancy in Radiotherapy treatment planning
Sarah Kirwin, Nottingham City Hospital
12:00 Powerpoint iconAutomated image analysis software for quality assurance of a Radiotherapy CT-simulator
Andrew Reilly, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
12:20 Powerpoint iconDose measurements for simulator cone beam CT
Jane Shekhdar, Mount Vernon Hospital, London
14:00  An axial sensitivity test object suitable for use with multi-slice CT scanners
Denise Hoban, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry
14:20 Powerpoint iconAssessment of automatic exposure control systems on CT scanners using a custom made phantom
Nick Keat, ImPACT, London
14:40  The relative performance of cone-beam reconstruction algorithms and standard multi-detector algorithms
David Platten, ImPACT, London
15:20  Update on revision of IPEM 77
Jaddy Czajka, Christie Hospital, Manchester
15:40  Round table discussion:
   Helical overscanning
Ian Negus, UBHT, Bristol
  Powerpoint iconDealing with tube current modulation in patient dose calculations
Elly Castellano, Royal Marsden, London