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Twelfth CT users group meeting

The twelfth CT Users group meeting was held on 14th October 2010, at Hammersmith Hospital, London.

The for the day is shown below, with links to abstracts and pdfs of the presentations where available.

1030-1050view abstractview pdf version of presentationCT Dose calculations for individual patients - what you should know
Elly Castellano
1050-1110view abstractview pdf version of presentationDual Energy Imaging and the use of MOSFETs in estimating organ doses in CT
Robert Loader
1110-1140view abstractview pdf version of presentationPractical investigations into using a small ion chamber and realistic phantom length for CT dosimetry
Matthew Dunn
1140-1210view abstractview pdf version of presentationUse of lead shielding for adult chest CT
Gareth Iball
1330-1350view abstractview pdf version of presentationHelp-why are our doses so high? - An exercise in CT dose optimisation
Maria Kazantzi, Maria Lewis
1350-1410view abstractview pdf version of presentationCT Helical Head Scanning
Peter McGookin
1410-1430 view pdf version of presentationLarge scale audit of CT using data from hospital Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
Paul Charnock
1430-1450view abstractview pdf version of presentationFlash CT of the paediatric thorax: radiation dose audit of default scan protocols
Elly Castellano
1530-1550view abstractview pdf version of presentationComparison of the function and performance of CT AEC systems
Emily Field
1550-1600 view pdf version of presentationAn introduction to the Third UK National CT Dose Survey
Stuart Meeson
1600-1620view abstractview pdf version of presentationEye Doses in Head CT; Sequential Vs Spiral
Mathew Daniel / Anne Davis
1620-1640  Round table
  view pdf version of presentationProspective vs retrospective CTA - a quick look at patient dose and image quality
Hannah Urbanczyk