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Ninth CT users group meeting

The Ninth CT Users group meeting was held on 23rd October 2007, at the Postgraduate Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

Our invited speaker for this year's meeting was Dr Stephen Golding, Consultant Radiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Dr Golding is a rare breed of radiologist - one who is willing to admit in public that he is interested in radiation protection. Dr Golding is the one UK-based radiologist who co-authored the 2004 CT Quality Criteria, and maintains an active research interest in CT safety and efficacy.

Online versions of most of the talks are available below by clicking on the icons to the left of each presentation.

The programme was as follows:

Patient Dosimetry / Radiation Protection
0950blank squarePowerpoint iconSon of NRPB-SR250 - new Monte Carlo calculations at HPA-RPD for contemporary CT
Jan Jansen, HPA, Chilton
1010abstractblank squareInitial Experiences of Dual Source Cardiac CT
Stuart Yates, Cambridge
1030blank squarePowerpoint iconThe development of novel shielding and an improved modelling methodology in the consideration of the radiation protection aspects of mobile computed tomography
Trevelyan Foy and Nick Powell, Truro
Optimisation in CT
1120blank squarePowerpoint iconOptimisation from a radiologists perspective
Dr S Golding, Oxford
1200blank squarePowerpoint iconOptimisation in Cardiac CT
Giles Morrison, Sheffield
QA in CT
1400blank squarePowerpoint iconDental Cone Beam CT - A review of our experiences
Philip Hollaway / Matt Pryor, Guildford
1420blank squarePowerpoint iconSetting up the AEC on a GE LightSpeed 16 CT scanner
David Platten, Northampton
1440blank squarePowerpoint iconA comparison of three methods for measuring slice thickness
Nicola Bate, Edinburgh
1500blank squarePowerpoint iconAutomated Image Analysis - Report from the working party
Elly Castellano, Royal Marsden, London
1515blank squarePowerpoint iconIQWorks - preparing for release and how you can get involved
Ed McDonagh - Royal Marsden, London
Patient Dosimetry / Round Table
1600blank squarePowerpoint iconA dose problem
Jane Shekhdar, Mount Vernon, London
1630blank squarePowerpoint iconGammexRMI CT Phantom, 438 (ACR CT Accreditation phantom, 464)
Sue Edyvean, Jim Weston, ImPACT