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Eleventh CT users group meeting

The Eleventh CT Users group meeting was held on 26th November 2009, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Belfast.

The programme for the day is shown below, with links to abstracts and pdfs of the presentations, where available.

Morning session
1005-1025view abstractview pdf version of presentationExperiences commissioning the Toshiba Aquilion ONE 320 detector row CT scanner
N Weir, N Bate, L Nichol
1025-1045view abstractview pdf version of presentationTowards Optimisation of Routine CT Quality Control
Z. Martin-Rodriguez, P. Kenny, B. Byrne, L. Gaynor, C. O'Neill, and D. Costello
1045-1105view abstractview pdf version of presentationAdopting Dose Area Product (DAP) as a dose metric in computed tomography
N Weir
1105-1125view abstractview pdf version of presentationApplications of a new solid state dose profile meter in a range of CT systems
Shahed Khan, Alan Calverd
1125-1145view abstractview pdf version of presentationSome thoughts on CT dosimetry methods
C J Martin, D Gentle
1145-1205view abstractview pdf version of presentationEffective dose estimation for the CT component of SPECT/CT systems
Paul Charnock
Afternoon session
1330-1350view abstractview pdf version of presentationCeretom Mobile CT Scanner in Neuro-Intensive Care; Aspects in Regulatory Compliance and Radiation Protection.
Greg Stevens
1350-1410view abstractview pdf version of presentationA comparison/review of radiation doses from modern multi-sliced CTA & conventional diagnostic angiography. Techniques methods and conversion factors.
Rob Loader
1410-1430view abstractview pdf version of presentationImage Quality and Dose in CT
Nicola Bate
1430-1450view abstractview pdf version of presentationDose Reduction options in Cardiac CT
Phil Doyle
Afternoon session, continued
1530-1550view abstractview pdf version of presentationCalculating the patient dose from dental CT scans
Serge F.X. Seudieu and R. Anthony Reynolds
1550-1610view abstractview pdf version of presentationEffective Dose from Cone Beam CT Examinations in Dentistry
J Roberts
Round table
1610-1630view abstractview pdf version of presentationDoses for facial trauma patients on conventional CT scanners and the new dental cone-beam CT scanners.
Jess Brisco
1610-1630  Typical doses from some of the more recent applications of multi slice CT
Julie Smyth